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About Pragathi

Pragathi is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 2004 by a group of professionals in Austin with roots in India. The founders felt a sense of responsibility to accelerate the lives of underprivileged people especially Children and Women. Pragathi was an outcome of a dream and belief that we can collectively make a huge difference. Pragathi expended a new chapter in Houston in 2011 with an added focus on healthcare.


Pragathi is instrumental in identifying project locations, defining projects, works as a bridge between funding partners, execution partners and Government agencies to accelerate progress in the lives of the under privileged.


Pragathi currently works in three main areas: Education, Healthcare and Women Empowerment.



Problems in primary education stem from various causes including low parent involvement, shortage of teachers, poor curriculum and poor training of teachers, lack of accountability and monitoring of teaching staff and other societal issues.  An important goal of Pragathi is to combat these problems to create better learning environments in India.



Lot of impoverished regions in India suffer from access to healthcare professionals and inadequate infrastructure. Pragathi attempts to support this with various initiatives working with partner organizations.


Women Empowerment:

Pragathi works with partner organizations to rehabilitate women rescued from human trafficking and domestic abuse. Pragathi’s educational initiatives also generate significant employment opportunities for women.


Board members

Nagi Rao 

Dr Prabhudev Konana

Austin Chapter

Anand Vridhagiri

Anu Rao

Aparna Srinath

Chandra Nelogal

Harish Sharma

Hema Rao

Ravi Kumar

Sathish Rao

Suchetha Konana

Houston Chapter

Harish Krishna Rao

Dr Suma Manjunath

Dr Keyuri Popat

Anand Ramamurthy

Dr Rekha Neela


Sindhu Devale

Srinidhi Devale

Mahaveer Dharamchand

Nithya Babu

Jayalakshmi Praveen

Srinath Ramasesh 

Karuna Sathyanarayana

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