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Pragathi is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and hence all contributions made are tax exempted in accordance with code section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code

Pragati Scholarship & Mentorship Program 2020

This is YOUR site. Where YOU choose to accelerate Progress in education to underprivileged children and empower less fortunate women

Accelerate Progress to improve lives of underprivileged


Accelerate Progress by improving quality of education in languages and mathematics in under privileged schools in India and in the USA.


Accelerate progress by empowering women through employment opportunities along with focus on women rescued from human trafficking and domestic abuse. 


Accelerate progress by improving access to health care among rural and urban areas in India.




"The success of this maiden project paved the way for a series of similar humanitarian projects focusing on education and literacy specific to development of infrastructure in Primary schools"

H Rajendra Rai / Member- Rotary India Literacy Committee

"We were impressed with the work of Pragathi in Karnataka, where we can actually witness the success of the program. Thank you Pragathi for giving us an opportunity to help children's education in villages of Karnataka."

Dr. Shivakumar and Uma Bavikatte / KBF board Memebers

´Mr. Ashwini Ranjan, Managing Trustee, Pratham Mysore

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